Sunday, January 07, 2007

Winter Classics

I'm about to participate in the 2007 Winter Classics Challenge to read five classics during January and February. I'm somewhat busy so I've cheated slightly by choosing some based upon length (or rather lack of length)! They are:
  • J K Jerome Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog) - I've read this before but it is the BATS' (the book group I participate in) classic read this month
  • E M Forster Where Angels Fear to Tread - I may have read this before.
  • Henry James The Turn of the Screw - is this cheating? being rather of a short story!
  • Hermann Hesse Steppenwolf
  • Dostoyevsky Crime and Punishment - I last read this many years ago when a teenager and the BBC had a series on the great Russian novel.
They get gradually longer! Blogging on the books is likely to happen on my BATS weblog but I'll try to post pointers here as well. The Jerome book group discussion is tomorrow night so I need to finish it...


Booklogged said...

Rajm, I've added you to the participants list. So glad you are joining us and I look forward to reading your thoughts about these books. Don't even worry that some are short. I think reading Crime and Punishment makes up for everything, if you felt you needed to make up for anything. I'm reading some short ones, too.

rajm said...

Thank you! Yes I'm hoping to leave February for the Dostoyevsky