Saturday, January 20, 2007

Church Rota delights

For the first time for months I'm not slaving over a hot checkout on Saturday afternoon and am instead having an enjoyable(?) few hours trying to get the Church rotas for February/March planned. This includes all the rotas - the leaders/preachers has already been done - but I then have to fit readers/prayers/sidepersons/tea makers etc. so that they all don't clash (too much!) It then gets put on the web. I use LaTeX to format it but am considering moving to if only because it makes pasting things around a little easier. I see that my latest version of comes with a LaTeX export tool so I could still get a good final copy. At the moment I'm still hesitating mainly because I do things in a rush and a migration will take a little longer.
With an interregnum coming next month there are inevitably people who were on the rota who are no longer doing it, thus making things just that bit more tricky. Musing on whether things need specifying more completely with no-one around to pull things together Sunday by Sunday or to be a little freer and easier.
I've also taken temporary charge of the parish blog - Rod - who is leaving - did offer to cybersquat on the account but we said it wasn't necessary - but there's not been a lot of action there recently. For ease I've moved it into being administered by the same google email as this one and I now see that the about section has a picture of me rather than one of the church(!) - anyone know if you can get different photos there? If I'd known I'd have grabbed myself another gmail account - which I suppose is still a solution toghether with giving this account posting rights.


Sarah Mount said...

If you want a different picture; just edit the blog template and comment out the one already there and put a new one in. That sort of flexibility is one of the nicer things about blogger :)

rajm said...

Ah, I was trying to do something with the blogger2 about section. I need to create my own html section and junk the pre-built one for one of the blogs - at least once I've done that I'll no longer be living in the church!