Friday, January 26, 2007

Increased traffic..

Noticed increased traffic here - did a web search - and so welcome to those who have arrived here as a result of Mad Priest's kind mention.
To stop you all dropping off I shall try not to blog too much about the preparation I'm doing for the python course I'm helping to teach next month. I shall hope for even more traffic as after speaking to Terry at a funeral on Monday, he promised that some friends would be making a blockbuster out of this set of postings.
I have an overdue posting or two on my Winter classics pile - having now started Tim Binding's Island Madness - the BATS book of the month (I spent some time - before I started this thinking there was a Bernstein connection - but that's Island Magic... Trouble in Tahiti), I also have two DVD's on the go (attention span of a gnat at the moment) - Mediterraneo (the Italian version looks a lot more complete but my language isn't up to it)and Lord of the Flies - this was an X certificate film when first released and it is now PG... but the original licensing decision was ludicrous - and I suddenly realised that all three are to do with small island communities in times of war.
If you want to know how I know there's increased traffic here - shhhh - but it has something to do with my difficulties in uploading pictures here and my consequent workaround

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