Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I don't recommend..

..that you use if you're going to Germany - even if you look like me!

Generated by this site

26 Google searches

Along the lines of 26 links comes the list of searches that google suggests for each letter of the Alphabet

  • A7V8X uk - 34100 hits
  • BLAXX - 4600 hits
  • Camus "First Man" - 5600 hits
  • DPT=5000 - 242 hits - checking my firewall logs
  • EF - 20000000 hits - Evangelical fellowship I suspect
  • FIGLINE VAL D'ARNO - 42400 hits Italian camp site we stayed at in 2000
  • GET - 11 hits - some ****ed hacker trying to use my site as a proxy
  • HP PhotoSmart 320 Digital Camera - 151000 hits
  • ICBW - 3990 hits - I could be wrong though
  • Jerry Kohl - 172000 hits - rmc contributor
  • Lake Baikal - 171000 hits - Siberia
  • M812LMR - 738 hits - debugging a motherboard
  • NETDEV WATCHDOG transmit timed out - 10000 hits - firewall logs again
  • Odeon - 135000 hits - au cinema
  • Palmers "West Chiltington" - 109 hits - parents ex-address
  • QueryInterface - 852 hits - website stupidity
  • RA Kaslow "AIDS Cohort Study" - 819 hits
  • SAX2XMLReader.hpp - 335 hits - trying to recompile E-Notes
  • RACKBAR_WindowProc unknown msg - 4 hits - pass but it looks like a Wine error from the hits
  • USB device not accepting new address - 30000 hits - Linux USB delights
  • Val Verzasca - 21000 hits - delightful spot near Locarno with a Roman Bridge
  • What's wrong with Wycliffe Hall? - 910 hits - :-)
  • X- Mail_Scanner: No Virus found - 517 hits
  • Yang Huany - 135 hits - no idea - I suspect the female only Chinese language
  • zoccoli - 98000 hits - I knew this was coming - lots of nice links to Albero degli zoccoli

Searches on all 26 letters!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christian Values?

From the Independent, the US attempts to sabotage even anodyne proposals on combating climate change here

This breached an assurance given by President Bush in 2001, when he pulled out of the protocol, that America would not try to stop other countries reaching agreement.

Christian values - I don't think so!

Spiritual exercises

From J-Walk comes Rowan Williams, I find that a little disturbing!

Friday, December 24, 2004


Now I've found why I was searching for zoccoli - I was looking for a NG posting where I quoted this
`The zoccoli, a bizarre form of footwear, like a mule on a pedestal were developed in Venice. Originally designed to keep the foot out ofthe mud... It is thought they may have contributed to domestic virtue in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance since a lady could not go out without two servants to hold her up..'
Venice Observed

Thursday, December 23, 2004

26 links

Taken from mamamusings go up to the address bar in your browser and type in a letter. What link does it suggest? I've used the first one that is fairly generic and excluded web email accounts and subsections of sites mentioned elsewhere

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quiet days

Before the Christmas rush, so much remaining undone, menus, organisation no doubt chaos will hit soon!


From Maggi Dawn

Our instinctive reaction to all things holy is to make a holy space for them - to keep them protected from the vile and the shameful, the dirty and the unacceptable parts of our world and our lives. But the real God will break right out of those protective swaddlings, jump out of the nice clean manger, and be down in the dirt before we can stop him

Friday, December 17, 2004


Not sure spamd/c is the answer. Now trying disabling ipv6 again a rather marginal effect. Can now post using MovableType had to get the ownership of the files correct - apache had a different user/group id.

Got my redundancy notice today so definitely on the job market but everything very quiet in the run up to Christmas

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Upgrading or grinding to a halt!

Spent the weekend by getting around to upgrading my computer - had Mandrake 9.2 installed for about a year and have now moved to Mandrake 10.1. Went pretty well, I had a check list from the previous upgrade, which I used, and I did a fresh install rather than risking the builtin upgrade as that allows you to keep the two systems running while you get all the details fixed.

Biggest issue so far is with the system being slower in some particular operations:

  • When spamassassin runs - the tool we use for filing/deleting spam - the system suffers - CrackAttack just freezes! It was fine with 9.2 so I tried uninstalling the rpm package and using the 3.0.1 version (without the mandrake rpm). Same effect, not sure what's different with 10.1. Eventually tried running spamd/spamc and that appears to get around the problem
  • dansguardian - the web filterer, just crawls, disabled it for the moment, may try running an earlier version than just to see if there's an improvement - was using a 2.6 version for 9.2

Also need to get MovableType running as well for my home weblogs! I've copied over the archives but at the moment I can't post!

Monday, December 13, 2004

Someone has it in for churchwardens!

.. this is,
I wonder if MS Word has the same problem? But at least OpenOffice.Org doesn't have a problem with boreholes!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Waiting and keeping despite all

And in all this, you keep us,
through hard questions with no answers;
through failing where we hoped to succeed;
and making an impact when we felt we were useless;
through the patience and the dreams and the love of others;
and through Jesus Christ and His Spirit;
you keep us.
So, thank you . . .
for the keeping time.

From the Iona Community Worship Book

Went into work yesterday to hand over some details of the software I've worked on, handing over, letting go, hard lessons!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Keeping a rhythm in their dancing

Brush with dentist survived without too much excitement, still silence on the agency front, need to work at creating a rhythm for the day, reading, house,piano and some software project but where to start with something with a bit of innovation.

CV now updated and published on chezmarshall and capuchin

Monday, December 06, 2004

Back to life..

A longish silence, fraught with another problem I shall pass over. Managed to lead the service on Sunday morning, I don't think it was quite exercising (exorcising?)my psychotherapy on the congregation but it kept my options open! Went into Connexions this morning and took advice on my cv trying to cut down the length and remove some of the duplication - on my home machine though it - the machine - isn't always connected...!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Agencies and Evangelism

Gradually getting back to some form of reality and I couldn't agree more with
Tony Price on the CofE and evangelism. Sent out cv's to various agencies - grrr the ones that only accept .doc formats when I have a perfectly good pdf purged of all contact details - but nothing so far

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Managing change

Looks like this blog is going to be about searching for what to do. The cv is updated but does it reflect what I want, is a change an opportunity? What has been going on out there these last four years?

Hope, expectation and fears is about right!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Ah well...

a promotion two weeks ago and today, potentially out on the streets, they're considering whether they still want to do software development over here.
Anyone want a 53 year old with 14 years of C++ experience, lots of CAD ability, numerical skills... cv to be updated, that's in pdf format!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Far from home - an advent calendar

We had a guest preacher this morning - ex-congregation member, Terry Gibson who spoke of running into a 90+ year old in Prague(!) watching English football who grew up in Macclesfield, went to our church. Waiting for his father to reurn from WWI, he put his father's picture in his advent calendar on Christmas day - he would be home for Christmas - spoke of his hope and despair until his Dad was there - minus half a leg - on their return from church that morning.

Hope, expectation and fears for Advent

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Wild wooders

Weasels and WIld Wooders maybe it's a sign that society is not totally de-Christianised!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Getting it set up...

Just an initial link to my home links and things