Thursday, January 18, 2007

Va, Vis Et Deviens

Went to see 'Va, Vis Et Deviens' (the English translation is 'Live and Become' which rather misses out one of those verbs!) last night at the local Silk Screen cinema. The web reviews claim 149 minutes in length though our version appeared to be only about 135 minutes - it felt long but an emotionally absorbing film. Sometimes it felt a little manipulative but a strongly political film as it covers the evacuation of the Jews from Ethiopia to Israel back in the 1980's reflected in the experience of one boy - who is not a Jew - but pretends to be one in order to escape. It covers most of the history of the Middle East between then and now. The end felt like an - oops we've run out of time moment - and was far too convenient but that shouldn't denigrate from the journey travelled. Washington Post review is here.
I loved the contrasting exegetics on the colour of Adam! The white Jew went for the surface text the red-skin(!) Jew reached the heart.

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