Sunday, October 06, 2013

Leawood Pump House

..working harder by rajmarshall
..working harder, a photo by rajmarshall on Flickr.

Yesterday, we walked around Cromford and visited the Leawood Pump House which used to transfer water from the Derwent to the canal back in the 19th century. The huge pump was working this weekend - one of the stationary engines was also going to be running today - so unfortunately we missed that. Photos of the day are in this flixkr album. It was an interesting visit in view of my having recently read Dickinson's Pauper's Gold where the heroine is born in Macclesfield and then enters servitude (well officially an apprentice) in a mill not too far from Cromford - it also functioned as a getting fit exercise before we go on a walking holiday!

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