Sunday, June 14, 2009

An orchestral evening out

Out last night to hear the last Wilmslow Symphony Orchestra's last concert of the season (and the first we'd been to this year!)
Started with the Nicolai Merry Wives of Windsor overture. I used to hear this more often on the radio, I guess it was more popular a few years ago. The programme notes writer had the bit between his teeth at German opera between Weber and Wagner being ignored in the UK and I was thinking as they played that you could see where Wagner's Rienzi came from - maybe this was due the the boom-ching-ching of the cymbals and drum - (though not all!) but I see that this Nicolai performed in 1849 came well before Rienzi - but maybe the same milieu?
Then the Brahms Double Concerto - much enjoyed though I thought the violin section was having ensemble problems, again those cello solos I had logged as very much in Elgar's mind.
After the interval came the Martinů 6th Symphony - I used to have a tape of this and often listened to it, but not for many years and my memory was that it was a non-too-difficult work - wasn't how it came over last night - widespread incomprehension in the audience around me, so either my memory is faulty, my ears were more accepting then or they made a right hash of it?! Again worries about the strings in terms of ensemble and force though the 1st violin solo came over well. But the glassy (presumably) Copland inspired wide open space string sounds just didn't carry.
They finished with 3 delightful Dvorak Slavonic dances - though I do prefer the piano duet originals!
Seats and platform have changed since we last attended - I guess we blame the now non existent Macclesfield council - or is it East Cheshire striking early - don't think they've changed for the better!

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