Tuesday, January 22, 2008

..to be good again..

Just back from cinemac, from the showing of Khaled Hosseini's the kite runner. A blog review of the book is here.
I read the book last October, when in Spain, finished it on the last evening in the bar before dinner, put the book down on the floor next to the meal table, not noticing that the floor had suffered from that day's torrential rain - hence the book didn't come back with us and I can't refer to it now!
It may have been an 8pm showing on a cold wet evening in January but the - far from a multiplex style of comfort - cinema was pretty well filled - I see they've decided to show it next week as well.
A beautifully observed film - inevitablly it ditches bits of the plot - I was sad at the almost total loss of Hassan's father and no blood on the kite strings. The film drew you into the life and colour of Afghan society and plumbed the emotional depths of the book as Amir struggles for discover his need for redemption. I felt the return of Assef was somewhat softpedalled in the film and therefore - to me - removed a lot of the nature of that large clunking plot device from the film.
Go and see it!

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