Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gerard Große

One of the nice things about Jardín de los Sueños that we visited on a walking tour of Almeria last year was that - apart from being quiet and isolated, not a TV in sight! - was that it had a library. I spent a few happy hours in there, the owner of the property is German and so there was a certain bias in language. I spent most of an afternoon working my way though a book of black and white photographs by Gerard Große -at least his was the name on the spine of the book. I noted down the author's name while we were there but have only now got around to seeing what I could find out. Of course I've now completely forgotten the title of the book!
My guess is that he was from the GDR and the photographs seemed to be from the 1950's or early 60's of German industrial and rustic life, but at the moment google is not being helpful - maybe the book was too nicely produced to be GDR, anyone like to offer me any pointers for further research?

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