Thursday, February 10, 2005

Keeping busy..

.. which is all to the good!

Getting into the rhythm of Grade VIII practice - all those scales. The teacher on the ABRSM forum obviously has a sense of humour - 'handful of scales', hmmmmm. Also finding an enthousiasm for trying other adventurous pieces - in addition to the list - calm down Kelvin! - not done that for years but the fingers seem to be a lot freer and there's all that time to be filled - but I hope - it won't be like that for long.

Then there's a newsletter which should have been produced in January gradually emerging - nothing long or complicated it is just getting around to it.

And then there's tracking down and fixing bugs in blackbox before the next release. Maybe I need to post a screenshot here, but go and have a look at lonely machines collection. I posted one at home here, it felt Ash Wednesday-ish and I've already moved on.

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