Thursday, February 17, 2005

10 books by the same author

This meme comes from Chasing Daisy.
I suppose like people of my age I must have read more than 10 Enid Blyton and probably Anthony Buckeridge (Jennings). W E Johns of course.

Maybe one gets to be more discriminatory when older - or I just have less time! There's Iris Murdoch still have most of these and I must revisit some as I've not read many for years except the Bell - I'm trying to recall the Abbess' remark about love from that novel but am currently failing..

I guess I must have read more than 10 J G Ballard's - or am I confusing short stories with books?

Somerset Maugham - I think but it was back at school.

Oh and there's the books I've read to children - do these count? - Awrdy's Thomas the Tank Engine books - shudder! Beatrix Potter - though I expect I read - or had read to me - these when I was young.

Are there really more than 10 George Orwell books?

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