Saturday, March 06, 2021

ABRSM Performance Diploma

I see I first posted about my intention to do the ABRSM diploma 10 years ago - it's still not done, but I'm getting to the point of asking for the date! Here's my thoughts from 2011 The programme has changed a bit since then (as have the piano teachers, though I'm now back with the same one as then),and I'm now doing the performance diploma which is slightly easier and intending to submit it remotely - here's the lineup
  • Scarlatti Sonatas in C K 308 and 309
  • Stravinsky Tango
  • Chopin Mazurka in C# minor Op 50 No 3
  • Scriabin Preludes Op 11 Nos 10 and 13
  • Mompou Cancion e Danza no 6
  • Rachmaninov Etude Tableau Op 33 No 3 in C minor
The last 2 items are my own choice, I see 2 items are the same as in 2011, hopefully here I've lived with them a good long time, hoping to submit in April. Here's a recent video of me playing the Stravinsky.
very chunky chords! A couple of rhythmic issues still to be addressed!

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