Sunday, October 18, 2009

Limits to growth

This talk from Rowan Williams this week
We have slowly begun to suspect that we have allowed ourselves to become addicted to fantasies about prosperity and growth, dreams of wealth without risk and profit without cost. A good deal of the talk and activity around the financial collapse has the marks of what Alastair McIntosh calls "displacement activity" – it fails to see where the roots of the problem lie; in our amnesia about the human calling.
And a morning service on actions we take to respond to climate change have let to much musing today. Elizaphanian however, thinks that this is all a bit late, we're facing a situation of damage limitation rather than solution.
Meanwhile the American Family Association is trying to persuade its followers not to bother their pretty little heads about it - streaming a film on the issue tonight, no doubt climate change is all a liberal conspiracy - their attitude borders on the criminal.

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