Sunday, October 04, 2009

How then should we live?

For those who are close to Macclesfield the following talks may be of interest (copied off the St Michael's notice sheet):
Global poverty, climate change and environmental destruction feature constantly in the news, and are high up on the list of priorities for many key decision-makers. But what do they mean to us as individuals, within our own communities? How do we make sense of them, how do we respond - what can we do? This stimulating series of early evening talks brings together three very different perspectives and aims to explain some of the fundamental issues facing us today. A professor of social science, a lawyer from the Co-operative movement and an ecologist working for an environmental charity will each explain a subject they are passionate about, in an interesting an accessible way. This will provide the basis for discussion and further conversation as we all seek to find our own way of living amidst the confusion and challenges of the twenty-first century. All are at 6:30 in St Michael's Church Macclesfield.
  • Professor Mike Woolcock - `Responding to Global Poverty' - expanding `what works' as problem and solution: Tuesday 20th October
  • Cliff Mills - `Consumers or Citizens' how we shape the world we live in: Tuesday 3rd November
  • Simon Wightman - `A Space for Nature' - it's not just for the birds: Tuesday 10th November
All welcome!

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