Sunday, October 25, 2009

Coward on Cowards

Colin Coward's reaction to the Forward in Faith hypocricy of yesterday
I want to be a member of a church that is honest and truthful, open and loving, and properly faithful to Jesus Christ and all of God’s children, and I will now work and campaign with even greater resolve for a church in which women’s ministry is valued at all levels and LGBT who live with the highest commitment to love and fidelity can also live openly and truthfully. To hell with the Forward in Faith closet!
But go and read the original!


SueM said...

Hmmm, Colin Coward sounds entirely pissed off, doesn't he? Privacy is one thing, but when you get the level of hypocrisy Forward in Faith display, you can't help feeling they deserve all the outing that comes their way!

rajm said...

but doesn't he write well when annoyed! I know I don't!

SueM said...

He does write well when he is angry and it is quite a rare gift, he is also great at making people laugh!