Saturday, October 03, 2009

DJs, Christians and gays

Hat tipping to the Church Times weblog comes this tale of Fat Roland's trials with Refresh FM in Manchester (website looks as out of touch as their phone lines). An item covering this story from Pink News is here
From the Fat Roland blog:
You may feel the need to protest or campaign after reading this piece. You can talk with me further at dj (at) Whatever you do and to whomever you speak, please show the same grace that I have tried my hardest to show throughout all of this (often through gritted teeth or teared eyes!). You will not change minds by shouting at people: start from their point of view and work from there.


SueM said...

Interesting to see if there is a legal case, it certainly is discrimination. I wonder if the station have also banned people who were divorced and remarried or in a relationship outside of marriage?

rajm said...

Yes I shall try to keep an eye on what happens. The disparity of behaviour as to those banned - if true - would alas not be a surprise