Sunday, July 19, 2009

Macclesfield Youth Club reunion - 17th October

Back in January I wrote:
We're in the midst of organising a reunion of the St Michael's/St Andrew's (aka All Saints) Youth club which met in the tin tab and St Andrew's back in the 1960's/70's/80's.
If you were part of it then and wish to be there for the reunion - no date decided yet (it is very preliminary!!) you'll be very welcome (but probably this year in the warm weather - if we have any).
If you wish to help organise it - that will be even better!
I've created a web page for details of those who will be coming - with as many or few contact details as you like.
The contact page is on that other posting, but to get to it you will need login details from me - just so that contact details aren't splurged across the net!
As you'll see from the subject a date has been fixed Saturday 17th Oct 2009 - maybe with an extension into the Sunday.
There's also a facebook group - where I am currently the only might be a less onesided means of getting information and arrangements out - though you do need a Facebook account.
Having been on holiday I'm now intending to get things moving on this - 3 months to go!

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