Thursday, January 08, 2009

Macclesfield Youth Club reunion

We're in the midst of organising a reunion of the St Michael's/St Andrew's (aka All Saints) Youth club which met in the tin tab and St Andrew's back in the 1960's/70's/80's.
If you were part of it then and wish to be there for the reunion - no date decided yet (it is very preliminary!!) you'll be very welcome (but probably this year in the warm weather - if we have any).
If you wish to help organise it - that will be even better!
I've created a web page for details of those who will be coming - with as many or few contact details as you like. This is on my home computer (apologies if you've tried this link in the past 24 hours - to 14th Jan and it failed, we've been having router problems! It should now work!!)and is password protected for confidentiality and avoid spammers stealing details! If you want to contact me the electronic details are here and if you are likely to be genuine, I'll send you the login details!
No doubt this posting is extremely sketchy and also it will be updated. If you know of others who are interested, point them to this posting initially rather than the contact web page.
With a bit of encouragement I might even set up a facebook group!

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