Sunday, July 05, 2009

Luzern Day 2

Back to the valley
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This was the walk back from Fluëli-Ranft. towards Luzern - we walked along the Bruderklausenweg a pilgrim's way - part of the Compostela route. A longish day but a gentle walk with eagles never far away. Started the day with a little rain but it vanished and didn't reappear for the rest of the holiday. Once in Stans, we took the train to Engleberg which became a rack railway and arrived at the Edelweiss Hotel. We were booked in only on a bed and breakfast basis but the hotel does have a restaurant. We felt like sampling Engelberg's Swiss restaurants and ended up having a cheese fondue at the Alpenclub a very atmospheric restaurant and confirmed from their website clearly rather old. We were in the part alongside the road so we could watch the Swiss traffic pausing, turning round and generally getting lost!
PS (a lot later) the last bit of the walk into Stans is next to a clay pigeon shooting range - well I hope they weren't shooting at us - you may need steady nerves and ear plugs!

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