Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Luzern Day 7

the last hotel
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Not a lot to say, a quiet day, but this is a view of the Hotel Central in Weggis. Lazed in the terrace of the hotel for most of the morning - didn't find Weggis terribly exciting. Thought about trying to find the Rachmaninov villa where he wrote the 3rd Symphony but idleness overtook me and we headed off to the boat to Luzern - were we collided with crowds going to the first event in the Luzern festival and then by train to Zurich and home. The photos I've uploaded to flickr so far are here though after reading Linux format on Tonido I'm tempted to try it rather than reviving the Photo section of my webserver. Flickr may well see a few more uploads to that set - there's some flower photos I took early on which still need sorting through.

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