Monday, April 28, 2008

Normal service etc.

Had a couple of power trips at home - looks like a faulty monitor generated them - and this morning once I'd worked out the alarm clock wasn't going off and it wasn't that my eyes were getting bad and there were really no numbers on the clock and then identified the issue, this machine insisted on a fsck (file system check) on the system partition and then gave lots of errors on important looking files.
At the moment the email server (the imap end of things) isn't working, the webserver appears broken (so you won't be able to get there!), various applications won't start - most worryingly I can't even get the Mandriva admin tool 'drakconf' to start. I fear a reinstall is going to be necessary working out which files are broken, how to repair each one will I think be a mammoth task - at least, before this, I was thinking an upgrade was due.
Normal service will be resumed whenever.


PamBG said...

Had a couple of power trips at home

Visions of you swaggering around, growling at all and sundry as they get in your way! :-)

rajm said...

:-) Things were probably a little fraught!