Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ever so me..

is today's Clare in the Community
Which leads me neatly on to Sarkozy and the other anniversary - May 1968 - there's apparently been a picture of Sarkozy on the May 1968 barricades(!), wearing a suit(!!) at 13(!!!).
I got this gem from a podcast from the Guardian travel site a Paris 1968 walking tour, you're meant to listen to it while walking though Paris, you stop at the entrance of the Ecole des Arts, and on your left is... I listened to it on my mp3 player on the way to and from Manchester this morning, slightly surreal but recommended on the background and the fall out from those events.
Whilst trying to find the image from Paris Match I found this:
The society of May 1968 “was completely blocked,” Mr. Geismar said — a conservative recreation of pre-World War II society, shaken by the Algerian war and the baby boom, its schools badly overcrowded.

“As a divorced man, Sarkozy couldn’t have been invited to dinner at the Élysée Palace, let alone be elected president of France,” Mr. Geismar said. Both the vivid personal life and political success of Mr. Sarkozy, with foreign and Jewish roots, “are unimaginable without 1968,” he said. “The neo-conservatives are unimaginable without ’68.”

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