Wednesday, April 16, 2008

And eventually...

Madeleine Milhaud died 4 months ago tomorrow, as I reported back here, the obituary appeared in the Independent later that month. Today(!) her obituary appeared in the Guardian, it is though a splendid one from Roger Nichols, well worth waiting for and worth reading -
One of the joys of going to see Madeleine was that you never knew who you might meet. Claudel's daughter, perhaps, or Dave Brubeck's son, Darius. Where else could you learn that, at Satie's funeral, his family duly arrived, "and they all had umbrellas" (pronounced "umberellas")? Or that Stravinsky, in America during Prohibition had thought his eminence entitled him to import several dozen bottles of Bordeaux, only to be summoned to the dockside where the customs man ritually smashed each one with a hammer?

and lots of details on her own artistic persona!

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