Friday, November 08, 2013


Rocamadour by rajmarshall
Rocamadour, a photo by rajmarshall on Flickr.

The last day was a rest day - at least walks were suggested and we ignored them. We spent the morning investigating Rocamadour. Starting at the top level - most easily reached from Hospitalet - and a vertiginous walk on the ramparts - for which there's a charge and a turnstile - probably to keep down the numbers in peak season! The photo is looking down on the church from the end of the parapet - I think my sense of balance is getting worse but I managed this photo! Then down through the basilica - which was celebrating 1000 years of pilgrimages (I think the dating is a little suspect!) and 100 years since the restoration of the site. I kept my eyes open for mentions of Francis Poulenc (who died 50 years ago) who came here and the place inspired some of his religious music but didn't see anything. A light lunch in one of the cafes and then back up the Voie Sainte to the hotel and a gentle afternoon, I paid a visit back to Hospitalet to try to get sunset over the Rocamadour but unfortunately dinner came too soon!

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