Thursday, November 07, 2013

Caugnaguet mill from the outside

We left Lacave on a misty morning with Belcastle invisible and wandered gently along the Ouysse. We saw some divers about to explore some of the submerged caves before arriving at the mill at Caugnaguet - which was open for visitors. The Inntravel itinerary says that it closes from 15th October so I'm not sure whether that's incorrect or whether we were just lucky to find it open. We were guided around and some of us sipped the walnut liqueur! Then through wooded paths to Calès. Drinks outside (watch out for the flies!) but then a marvellous evening meal - it certainly equalled the Michelin starred place - some of us thought it was better. I had snails (with mushrooms which merged nicely , you were never quite sure which you were eating in case you were cautious!) and duck - we had a lot of duck this holiday - I saw a fixed price menu in one place which had duck for 2 of the 3 courses!

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