Friday, November 08, 2013

Rocamadour from Hospitalet

Rocamadour from Hospitalet by rajmarshall
Rocamadour from Hospitalet, a photo by rajmarshall on Flickr.

The last day with a major walk, we started at Calès and walked back along the Ouysse until it disappeared under the ground and then along a winding gorge until we reached Rocamadour. I had a lot of anticipation - when would Rocamadour be visible - we were traversing the pilgrim route - that the medieval walkers would have taken - though in their case from Rocamadour towards Compostella.

The town didn't come into view until we were walking through the gates and then you were aware of the towering cliffs and buildings on so many levels. Walked through the town - staying on the lowest level - exploration was for tomorrow. A drink at a pavement cafe and then up the Voie Sainte to this view and then on to the Hotel Troubadour just out of Hospitalet.

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