Sunday, August 02, 2009

Maggi (and others) on Rowan

Maggi on Rowan's letter on the latest Anglican travails:
(quoting Jane Shaw on The Episcopal Church):
" not going grey in the pews. It is a Church that has young people engaged and involved at all levels. It is, therefore, a Church that will thrive and grow into the future — and that cannot necessarily be said of other Churches in the West. And those young people have an enormous passion for mission..."...Whether you agree with the covenant or not, ++Rowan is to be applauded for making a sincere attempt to move forward in an impossible situation. But we shouldn't just leave it to "the people in charge" - ordinary people who are concerned about the future of the Church should not assume they can do nothing. We all need to think and pray and speak up in an attempt to help create a solution that works.
Nick Baines reflections on her words are also worth a read.

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