Sunday, August 30, 2009

Berlusconi complains that the foreign press isn't under his command

Don't think I've linked to this yet - while Mr B contines to try to crack the whip over his muzzled press.
Let's see whether the video works - doesn't appear to cooperate in blogger preview..

no still can't see it - can anyone using (spit!) Internet Explorer see anything?
(I can see it now - I don't know why it wasn't appearing before!)
Let me add the questions (to Berlusconi) here:
  1. Mr. Prime Minister, when did you first have the chance to meet Noemi Letizia? How many times did you meet her and where? Have you frequented other minors and do you still do so?
  2. What is the reason that forced you to not tell the truth for two months, instead giving four different versions of your acquaintance with Noemi before making two belated admissions?
  3. Don’t you find it a serious matter, for Italian democracy and for your leadership, that you repaid the girls that call you “papi” (daddy) with candidatures and promises of political responsibilities?
  4. You stayed with a prostitute the night of November 4, 2008 and, according to judicial investigations dozens of “call girls” have been taken to your residences. Were you aware that they were prostitutes? If not, are you able to guarantee that those encounters haven’t made you vulnerable, which is to say subject to blackmail, as demonstrated by the recordings of Patrizia D'Addario and the photos of Barbara Montereale?
  5. Has it ever happened that "official government flights" without you aboard were used to take female party guests to your residences?
  6. Can you say without fear of contradiction that the people you keep company with haven’t caused prejudice to affairs of State? Can you reassure the country and our allies that no female guest of yours possess arms of blackmail that diminish your political independence, domestic and international?
  7. Your conduct contradicts your policies: would you still be able today to attend a Family Day demonstration or sign a law punishing the customer of a prostitute?
  8. Do you still consider yourself eligible for the office of President of the Republic? If not, do you think that a person that common opinion considers unfit for the Quirinale presidential palace can fulfil his duties as Prime Minister?
  9. You have spoken of a "subversive plan" that threatens you. Can you guarantee not having used and not wanting to use intelligence and the police force against witnesses, magistrates and journalists?
  10. In light of what has emerged in the last two months, what, Mr. Prime Minister, is your state of health?

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