Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well while everyone else has been preparing for Christmas - or not! - I've spent the past 4 days, seems like a week, rushing around helping to resurrect the work web and email server. It died with a dead disk on Friday. I do recommend warrick for recoving those lost bits of websites, it goes to various web caches and puts your site back together as they claim it was.
Anyway, in all the kerfuffle I missed the news on Friday that the Church Times blog mentions that the Scargill trustees hand the Scargill movement have agreed:
We are now pleased to announce that agreement has been reached between the Trustees of Scargill House and those representing the Scargill Movement for the purchase of Scargill House. This is subject to contract, survey and the approval of the Charity Commissioners. We value your prayers for the speedy exchange of contracts, the future of the Scargill Movement and the proposed Foundation of the present Trustees.
Sounds like good news!
On a more parochial level the household Christmas letter is here.

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