Monday, December 01, 2008


It's a few days ago now that we saw Persepolis at the Silk Screen. As the Guardian reviewer says:
When I tell people it's a lo-fi animation, largely in black-and-white, about Iran, they put their heads in their hands and make a low groaning sound. But I've seen those same people bounce happily out of the cinema after seeing it as if they had had some sort of caffeine injection.
Lots of whimsy(!) and, as the introducer at the screening said, Posy, unfortunately that wikipedia article doesn't have a single cartoon of hers, so try here and here. I did wonder whether the tale of growing up as a young lady in Iran was getting a little one sided and perversely at times started to feel sympathy for the religious authorities. I gather it has been shown in Iran - with some cuts for sexual content - I wonder if they cut the doctored version of Primavera?!
And on the subject of growing up in Iran, here is a view which challenges a few western stereotypes! (hat tip to Elizaphanian)


Geoff Coupe said...

Hmmm - Posy? It's an interesting comparison, but not one that I can really believe in. Posy always strikes me as being comforting (even when she's not), whereas Satrapi strikes me as having an edge, even when she's trying to be comforting... I would place Satrapi closer to Angela Carter, if you see what I mean.

BTW, what on earth is that "The Night Bookmobile" mimsy in the Guardian Review every Saturday? I keep on wanting to say "get on with it, you silly woman"...

rajm said...

Maybe it was some elements of the Whimsy that underscored, for me, the mention that the review made of Simmonds just before the film. I guess this is the comparison she found. Undeniably a harder edge!
I just blink over The Night Bookmobile every Saturday - for me it's a waste of half a page!