Monday, December 08, 2008

Hello not the man familiar to me!

(from a recent SPAM) I think (huskily) 'Hello stranger' might sound a little better. other wonderful examples of fractured English in that email included:
At first I wish to be present.
Here I am(?)
At first I thought that it expensively for me but then I thought and solved that money for me it not important that I want to be happy I want to love I want to have the relation and I want to have a happy family and I gave this one thousand rubles. ...
Only I ask you at once look at the photo esteem the letter think and solve precisely would you like to have correspondence with me? ...
It is possible I ask you very fragile person if want to have serious relations write me tell me If you are not necessary to you I will understand you. And still I wish to speak to you, on a photo turned out not so well as professional but you see me such as I look in a life. And you can precisely define such woman as I is necessary to you or not.
If you are not necessary to you I will understand you. ... well precisely
I hope they're not reading this in order to make a comprehensible email.
The email culminated in a docx(!) attachment.
Unfortunately gmail doesn't have a way of preserving it apart from marking it as non spam, maybe I should just forward it to myself?

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