Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jeunes filles au jardin

Stephen Hough playing Federico Mompou's Jeunes filles au jardin:
I'm currently learning this piece, I see that Jordi Masó repeats the 'big tune' (a wonderful marking of 'chantez avec la fraîcheur de l'herbe humide) as does Hough - but in my edition (Salabert) there's no repeat mark - is this repeat common practice or is my edition faulty? To add confusion Masó plays the repeat 2 bars before the final 'Calme', Hough one bar before that tempo change - it could be a memory slip by Hough in view of the live performance. Does anyone have another edition of this work with real repeat marks? If so where are the markings? - it seems a pity to let that tune go without the repeat!
[Later]Thanks to a tweet from Stephen Hough - the composer plays the repeat in his own recording - there is only the Salabert edition of the work.

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