Friday, February 11, 2011

fluxbox and ubuntu screen size issues?

Originally uploaded by rajmarshall
I use fluxbox and on both my ubuntu installations it appears that there is a problem with that window manager - when I try to maximize a window it expands to cover just the lower half of the screen. In addition some applications (those using Qt) popup menus in unexpected places! If you look at the screen shot of amarok - I've just clicked on Settings but the menu appears half way down the window - at the place where maximise thinks is the top of the physical screen. If I 'maximize' the application - or move the window down to that point - then the popup menu appears at the correct point. Is anyone else using fluxbox with ubuntu - are you also seeing this issue?
I also use fluxbox with the mandriva Linux distribution and there maximise etc works correctly, so either they#ve applied a fix to fluxbox or something at a lower level is not signalling screen size correctly.

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