Monday, January 24, 2011


.. on "An der schönen blaune Donau" Here's a closeup version of the impossibilities of this fun transcription of J Strauss' Blue Danube played by Sim Keng Boon.

There are versions of this played by Lhevinne, Bolet and Wild on youtube but they don't have the video! There's also an even more close up version here played in a sitting room on an upright! That one comes in two parts but you get a very good idea of the difficulties it's a slow performance though and make it look easy - the one above is 9 minutes as against 16 - well it is just slightly difficult, make sure you stay for all of the above video!
Was this the piano transcription that Tom (of Tom and Jerry) played after 4 lessons? There doesn't appear to be a Yuja Wang performance of this around - she'd probably eat it for breakfast!

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