Sunday, April 11, 2010

Interesting selection of countries

Thinking Anglicans reports a press release/closing statement from the latest GAFCON meeting in Bermuda (I suppose they have to meet somewhere but it is nice for some!). This paragraph caught my eye:
We are also aware of the challenges that many of our sisters and brothers face in different parts of the world. In particular we are mindful of those who live with the threat of violence because of their Christian faith, such as Nigeria, Iraq and Sudan and those who live in places of deprivation and disaster such as Haiti and Chile. We also observe that there are a growing number of nations, such as Kenya, Uganda and now the United Kingdom where Christian views are marginalized or ignored. We stand with all those in such circumstances and assure them of our continued prayers.

So what have Kenya, Uganda and now the UK done? I thought we'd been in their bad books for a long time - probably since the 1960's! I guess the Kenyan objection is to legislation, and some folk in Uganda have dared to oppose a vile piece of anti-gay legislation. But why are these countries singled out for derision and ones like the US and Australia ignored? I know there were folk (sorry very important bishops) there from the US and Australia so they might not have wished to embarrass them but there was a Kenyan rep and one (by proxy) from Uganda. I guess it is all politics.

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