Saturday, April 03, 2010


We've been a number of times to Honfleur in Normandy, and on a couple of occasions we've been into the Erik Satie museum, in memory of a composer of wonderful eccentricity - probably best known for the Gymnopedies but there's other works well worth the explore. The museum is difficult to find but conjures up the man vividly - the children - who were then young teenagers and allergic to anything which might be a parental enthusiasm - loved it!

An image from that place which caught my imagination and has lived with me and which, I hope, is appropriate for this Easter Saturday was the room in the picture above which summons up both his hedonism - his love of Paris cafe society and his faith - where he was typically in a church of just one(!). The room is split in two, one half being the cafe, the other the church. A communion goblet lies on the table with the wine running down and, in the cafe, there's a wine glass knocked over. The two streams merge into one and flow together across the room making one common experience. How do we feed our Christian experience and our `out-there' experiences into one?

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