Friday, March 05, 2010

Mouths and eyes

The Silkscreen - our local world cinema club - showed Susanne Biel's 'after the wedding' this week.
Here's the trailer:

A Danish charity worker returns from his work at an Indian orphanage in order to seek much needed funding from a wealthy potential donor. He is then invited to the daughter’s wedding held at a beautiful house outside Copenhagen. Your prejudices are engaged and overturned again and again, I thought it a wonderful film though there were times when I felt beaten over the head to emote. Powerful though and the concentration upon eyes (human and animal) and mouths as a means of carrying the drama lends it a certain atmosphere. I did spend some time in the early part of the film thinking 'must suspend disbelief' but it is definitely worth it! See it before they release the English language re-make! Here's the Guardian review - this one is ok but some reviews and the wikipedia page contain major spoilers!

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