Thursday, September 10, 2009

Youth Club reunion

We now have the beginnings (and maybe ends) of a programme for the St Michael's St. Andrew's, All Saints' youth club of the 60's/70's 80's reunion (must find a snappier title) on 17th (and possibly 18th) October 2009.
  • 12am meet at St Michael's - bring your own lunch (hot drinks / juice provided)
  • 3pm a walk (fairly gentle) probably in the Macclesfield Forest / Shutlingsloe area (beginning and ending at a pub)
  • Evening meal at 7pm - probably at Sutton Hall (though they don't know it yet!)
  • You are, of course, welcome to attend the 11:00 service in St Michael's on Sunday 18th - this will be communion, with the Rector (Graham Turner) preaching
All events optional! Firm bookings, particularly for the evening, welcomed!
Please note that the centre of Macclesfield is harder to park in than you may remember - particularly if you haven't visited for some time.

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