Thursday, September 17, 2009


Is this the normal rate of deportations, or have the Home Office got end of year quotas to fill? In the past 2 days I've heard of 3 cases (independently) of persons about to face forcible deportation this week:
  • Elizabeth Kiwunga Rushamba from Uganda who was raped and tortured by her government's officials because of her husband's political views.(deportation potentially tonight)
  • Hamid Mohammed a Christian convert and his family from Islam who face grave danger from their families on their return. They were in Oldham - I hope their MP is active in this campaign - though as it is Phil Woolas (see the Ugandan link) I doubt it. Hamid's supporters have a meeting with William Hague tomorrow.
  • Then there's Hussein Muradi from Afghanistan - another apostate from Islam, this time to humanism and again facing a cat and mouse game from the authorities.

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