Monday, September 21, 2009

Scargill forward planning

My intentions of twittering during Sunday's meeting were frustrated by being unable to see the wireless network and the Vodafone signal not being strong enough in that part of the building. As the Scargill movement doesn't yet have a report on the day let me put here some of the points from that meeting. These are, I hope, fairly literal transcriptions of various slides that were shown, any undue erroneous emphasis is, of course, entirely my fault!
First there's a list of the priorities and aspirations in the coming reassessment of the site:
  • an improved reception
  • better integration with the landscape
  • making car parking, less central to the site
  • more provision for camping (could hardly be less!)
  • better dining facilities - where meetings happen
  • DDA access - disabled access to all parts of the building
  • more and better indoor gathering points
  • improved IT especially to support teaching
  • flexible training spaces
  • improved bed accommodation
  • the integration of community and their needs with that improved accommod - the community being closer to the guest areas (but still providing privacy).

Quite a list! And here were some keywords
  • managing woodland
  • demolition of community accom.! car parks can then be put in that area
  • new building around pent and pent-ex
  • walled garden greenhouse, work on existing bedrooms
  • pasture zones
  • chapel retaining other sympathetic uses
  • merge of spartan and comfy spaces
  • .. and outside spaces for spirituality

ok those were probably ideas! These are keywords
  • timeless
  • comtemporary
  • of its place
  • comfortable
  • practical
  • flexible
  • simple
  • uplifting

I think an encouraging and exciting day was had (and we won't mention the Spirit in the guise of bats circling over the meeting in the Chapel!)
Gate - with no fence!Opportunities!

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