Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wonderful anarchaic fun

Spent an evening (re-) watching Malle/Queneau's Zazie dans le métro, the book was published 50 years ago this year and the film followed it a year later. Zazie is well into bus-pass territory.
Dangerous, edgy, non-PC, fun, with, in the film, Philippe Noiret (a breakthrough role for him) and Catherine Demongeot (her first and practically only role) giving it verve and off-the wall lunacy. Vittorio Caprioli does a wonderful prophecy of Berlusconi in the final scene...
I don't think the Pythons and the Goodies would have happened without the powerful influence of the film.
I've not read the Queneau book but it is downstairs and I think the challenge will be worth it!
Don't watch the clip if you're scared of heights.


Anonymous said...

Crazy, bizarre but riveting. thank you must watch it all! Yes i too have a copy downstairs which i have never managed to read

rajm said...

I'm currently enjoying the reading but missing most of the French puns (unless there aren't any so far!!). I need a French-English pun dictionary!