Saturday, April 25, 2009

The apostrophe as a lifestyle

Some time ago I put my name on one of the American Family Association petitions - just to register my opposition to something they were proposing, that act signed me up to their newsletter, I try to skip over the parts of content I don't like but what I find interesting is the 'recurrent' 'use' of 'a' particular item of typography. Mostly it's around 'gay' particularly with reference to 'marriage', 'bisexual' is another good one. What sparked this post was this which has as a headline (you may need to scroll down at the link if you really want to see it):
Dems caught in 'lie' during hate crimes debate
either it is a lie or it isn't, don't these folk believe it in plain speaking? Or is the hope just to fling around accusations and hope some mud sticks!

One with no apostrophes which I did like
Take the pledge not to vote for any politician who votes to raise taxes or increase spending
I would guess that rules most of them out at some time or other!

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