Monday, September 15, 2008

Software Freedom day in Manchester

Software freedom day is on Saturday.
Manchester is organising (we hope!) The release says:
The event will take place at the Marbella Cafe on Newton Street from 11am to 4pm. Everyone is welcome and there will be plenty of people there who are learning about free software for the first time. We will be giving away CDs, leaflets and stickers. I'm also told that the cafe serves great food (veggie and vegan friendly).

We will have a number of Internet connected PCs available, which will be used to demonstrate LTSP. The Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) is designed to be used on low powered machines and so is brilliant for reusing old computers in schools or community projects. We will have information available about how this is being used successfully in schools, including one which went on to gain specialist technology status as a result.

Not seen that cakeshop yet....I hope to recify that!
Tante has a good summary of Copyright and patent issues at the Gay Bar

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tante said...

Glad you liked my summary, maybe it can help some people to understand what means what which would make many discussions (like the current Ubuntu-Firefox thingamajing) a lot shorter and less dumb ;)