Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back to Rosedale

Ah yes, back to the recent holiday, we spent a night at The Milburn Arms Rosedale Abbey, wasn't quite so taken with the cooking as some of the places we stayed this week - but there was some competition! The next day involved a lot of bounding though heather and finding bridleways which were only suitable for water polo before we slithered down into Egton Bridge and The Horseshoe (website is a bit too much of a work in progress but the website is now here). Didn't want to eat the the Horseshoe and was tempted by the Postgate - especially in view of the historical connection to Nicholas Postgate, but the Postgate didn't have a menu outside, we were tired and so decided to eat at the Horseshoe - it had a very conventional menu outside - but the specials make this place well worth a visit - strongly recommended even if the portion size threatened to subvert the walk for the next day!

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