Sunday, September 28, 2008

Round the Hurin

Thanks to Geoff Coupe for finding this:
Look, Chou, what’s your game, making all the trees in Hyde Park walk about, singing?
CHOU-EN GOLLUM: Because it’s my birthday, precioussss, and I wants it.
You probably need to remember BBC radio in the 1960's to appreciate it!
(29 Sept) Fixed corrected link


Geoff Coupe said...

Hi Robert - you'll need to update your link - Henry's gone and changed it... It's now:

rajm said...

Good heavens - you not only find links but you make sure they remain valid! Many thanks!

rajm said...

..I'd say something about being well serviced but some might take it the wrong way. I'd also put the thanks on your blog but you then have to delete all the duplicate entries...