Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lambeth and Rowan Williams

Mark Russell's reflections: Countdown to Lambeth
Whatever your views on Christianity and sexuality, violence against gay people is wrong, and homophobia is wrong. Jesus died for all people whether straight or gay, and he loves everyone equally.
Finally, please pray for Rowan Williams at this time. I get to spend time with him from time to time and he is a godly holy man, with an impossible job. Rowan is lovely, and has such a warm open gentle spirit. He is a gift to our Church. Pray for him in the middle of all this that God would use him to lead the Lambeth Conference in such a way that our church can emerge with more unity, and more committed to mission and evangelism, which is our real job!
I still believe in a God of miracles....pray for one for Lambeth!

Amen to that! Another harkback to Scargill too - as I knew Michael Turnbull when he was in the same position when he was on Scargill Council before he went to Durham


Anonymous said...

Christ reminded us to love the sinner, but to hate the sin. Homosexuality is against Christian teachings, and Christians have a right to their beliefs. Nowhere do the Christian leaders who attended GAFCon state that homosexuals be hated or abused.

You attempt to violate the rights of the religious to have their own beliefs, by attempting to redefine their beliefs to suit your agenda. Is there any wonder that so few people trust the extremists in the gay lobbies? They are proof that the negative stereotypes of gays have merit.

rajm said...

I don't think your first claim can be found in scripture - maybe implicitly, not explicitly though! I happen to be a Christian do I have a right to my beliefs?