Saturday, June 21, 2008


A trip bowling followed - in my case - by the first course at an Indian restaurant.

Have you seen the train schedule between East Didsbury and Wilmslow in the evening!?

Leg 1 of 3 Rail replacement busEast Didsbury (EDY) to Manchester Airport (MIA)
Departs Arrives Duration
00:02 00:20 0:18
Leg 2 of 3 Rail replacement bus Manchester Airport (MIA) to Manchester Piccadilly (MAN)
Departs Arrives Duration
01:00 01:25 0:25
Leg 3 of 3Manchester Piccadilly (MAN) to Wilmslow (WML)
Departs Arrives Duration
05:20 05:37 0:17

I suppose that's late evening....but two replacement bus services taking you round in circles. Fortunately the train was running last week and I caught one before this!

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