Saturday, March 29, 2008

graphic bells and whistles

On my work laptop I've been playing with compiz for enhanced graphic experiences -

- note the glxgears running inside the cube for a fun addition!
though I like to have 4x4 workspaces for putting the running applications and I find that sometimes on changing a workspace I end up with no panel, no menu - so I assume compiz has crashed - can't replicate it easily but I think the secret in avoiding crashes is to move the apps to the workspace rather than going directly to the workspace and opening the app there.
Then I've found that the screen is getting garbled

- the above is screen shot of a web page in firefox - a bit of googling suggests this is related to using multiple monitors - yes I like 16 workspaces and 2 monitors! - I didn't see this before the end of last week when I installed some extra software including some fonts... so for the moment it's back to the more boring but reliable fluxbox!
At work I run fluxbox with an instance of X on each monitor - haven't worked out how to do that with gnome/compiz yet - gives a nice segregation of applications!

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