Sunday, March 16, 2008


Oh, good grief
Perla Pavoncello, 24, asked the media mogul how she was supposed to start a family or get a mortgage without a job, only to be told: 'You should look to marry a millionaire, like my son, or someone who doesn't have such problems.' He then added: 'With that smile of yours, you could even get away with it.'
Opposition politicians slammed Berlusconi as Italy's answer to Marie Antoinette and forms quickly appeared on the internet to fill in and send off to Berlusconi's eldest son asking for his hand in marriage. Piersilvio Berlusconi, 38, declined to say if he was open to offers.
I'm still looking for one of those forms...ah try here - acquired via this blog - a postcard from your honeymoon would be appreciated!
Berlustconi doesn't seem to get enough google hits at present.
This is a better link - I didn't think English that weird was possible but I see it's a machine translation.

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