Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can we have another phone poll?

Apparently, last week, the newspapers were ringing around general synod members trying to find ones who wanted Rowan to resign - they managed to find two (and I guess they'd both come to this view long before last week's events)[1]. On Wednesday the Bishop of Carlisle said some 'interesting' things at a meeting to launch a book that mixes the mildly sane with the absolutely barking. I'm sure the telephone pollsters could find more than 2 people calling for this bishops removal!
I have a book somewhere by Chris Sugden (one of the authors of this collection) written back in the early 1980's when he may have been a little more balanced - I'm currently trying to find it - any suggestions as to what I should do with it? - I'm so against book burning.
[1] and more on the BBC's undistinguished role in those events detailed is here


Tony said...

Yes, I admired that Sugden book back in the day, it was called Radical Discipleship or something like that and I seem to recall it was one of the early books that talked about evangelical concern for social justice etc.

I'm completely baffled about what's happened to him since; he seems to have gone to the bad. What's more, I live in fear of meeting him socially somewhere (since he's around Oxford somewhere). I really wouldn't want to shake him by the hand any more - but I'm probably much too English to refuse. What's the proper etiquette in these circumstances? Do you just come straight out with "Shake your hand?! Think again, chummie!"?

rajm said...

Yes you're right - Radical Discipleship was the title, I can see it now mainly white with a fingerprint or something. The bookcases still refuse to reveal it though! I think I talked about it at an ACCM conference a few years back now.
Yes it seems baffling - go to a book signing for the new book with a copy of the old and ask for that to be signed?